DW ( / Covington Kentucky)

The Unperson

I have loved…
And have been loved
I have regrets…
And have been the object of regret
I've done some good…
And have been the recipient of some good deeds
I have suffered for myself and others…
And know that others too have suffered for me
Impatient? Yes I have been that…
And I've seen impatience directed at me
I have been dishonest…Tho' only to a small degree
And not nearly as much as others have been to me
Always without…looking in…
Never a taker nor much a giver
Always barely getting by, thru' thick and thin
Like a tiny floating twig
On a wide muddy river
A leaf taken hostage by the wind
Wandering aimlessly….here and there
A capricious breeze in the trees
A visage deep etched
On Dark smoked glass
A face sketched in charcoal
By a withered, harried hand
A wall of wire wrapped…
Tight round the heart
I dance with the Devil
And come away uncharred
Always an outrider and knowing full well
That free will is but an illusion
Yet in truth I'm still unfettered and


by David Whalen

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