The Unquestionable Truth

Poems... peoeticly, poetic, promnently profound, proceeding through promiscious, premotions, of the probley perfectly problimatic, problems, permenetly peeling away the very core of our inner most soul.
My finger tips move through an arcitectecture thoughts
yet the words are not mine,
I think not my thoughts, but my thoughts think of me, and of myself, its mind, and of mine.

The unquestionable truth and endless freedom
A paradox designed to teach one the purest of all things

Such purity if fell from the sky, I would drown gazing upon it.
The seperation of such feels like holding by breath. I need it in order to breathe. When it leaves me I will drown and sink to the bottom
of the worst kind of place, i'll be but a tear with no face.

Sadly I cannot help but hold my head under and let this pain consume me.
Like lambs to a salughter, of the most loving of sheapard
Yet whilst I place myself well with in the walls of my mind. The war which I watch gazing upon myself
fights with out me, and I sit blankly, feeling my way out of the dark catacombs of abyss.
To realize never was I there

Never was I alone enough to fathom what it would be like to walk amongst the vines growing the fruits that would own
the saddness of smiles.
And for my selfishness; no hell could rivel.
To this a gift I give.

Not for you to take and give back. But for you to take and love like a child whom you've never met.
A painting you would never need to see, or a poem you would never need to read.

If you see nothing past a blank expression cloked in the shadows of darkness,
Then pretend its a smile that exscapes damnation, to live in the shadows of which it radaites.
A glow which none could preseve to be any thing less of devine.

So much so it entraps your soul, slowly embracing you like the warmest rays of sunshine
consuming your conscionness until all that is left is the slightest fight from your eye lids,

And when your eyes, finally sucumb, and you sleep this night, and dream the endless dream,
to devor the endless nightmare. And begin an new ending for a story you'll never write.
For today is an endless day, to fight the darkness of night.
For the darkest of nights will drown the greatest of light.

by Ron Farmer

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