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The Unraveling
(8 December 1925 - 2 March 1972 / Ambala / British India)

The Unraveling

Your beauty so emerges in the couplets of my ghazal,
As an unveiling Bilquees in the courtyards of Soleyman's.

Union and separation taste the same under your tyranny.
I cannot relish anymore the fruiting of forbearance.

I've entered such states in my rambles through the mountains
Where I was accompanied by the echo of a toiling axe.

The decorum of existence has required me to enter
The sphere of dry endeavor from the oasis of reflection.

The good is hand to hand with the bad every moment.
What a fervent field of battle have I entered!

Life used to gather light from their existence.
What beacons of brilliance have the cave of death entered!

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