The Unsaid

Deep inside my head
I know many things are left unsaid
In the silence I can hear
The end getting near
But I don’t want it to end
Because on you my happiness will always depend
But I don’t understand why
And everyday I try and try
But everyday I fail
Then I weep and I wail
None of this makes sense to me
Why am I living in misery?
If I am so sad then why do I smile?
Even if it only lasts for a while
I cannot help but wonder about what’s going to happen between you and me
I keep on thinking about what’s not letting me see
When will the answer be revealed?
I am aching to know what is real
I can’t take it anymore and I just want to scream
Someone please tell me that this it just a bad dream
Yes, that is the answer, I am not awake
All of these happenings were just fake
And if it is not then I don’t know what to say
I guess we’ll just depart and go our separate ways

by M.A. Ces

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OMG every single poem I read by you is always good you've never written a bad poem good job Mayra