The Unseen Messenger....

Dreams travel miles a day
To convey the thoughts of a day
Beyond the waves, beyond the sands
Bearing the minds in its hands.

Even if there is a storm or steam
Or the horror of an icy fall
It can go on with its gleam
In the mystery of sleeping hearts

by niranjan subhashsivan

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In the mystery of sleeping hearts10++(+++
The fastest vehicle is thought, which goes next second to the other side of the world-a nice piece of work.
Subhash, Again, I love the premise of this… dreams traveling miles to convey things…. But on the nitpicky side the non-standard rhyme is distracting me a bit. Perhaps it’s just me on that count though… I tend to like a certain rhythm to my rhymes. I hope the critiques are helpful to you. Keep writing! -Eila
wow! ...this is a beautiful poem.. Asma...
I like this soft and elegant poem.
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