The Unseen Reality

The freezing pain shoots across my body and numbs my mind,
Only my eyes remain unfixed,

Quietly, I wait, patiently
The light, can you see it, in the distance,

Reaching forward it grabs a hold of my weakness and vulnerability,
Sucking every last ounce of reality from my mind,
A new, unfamiliar dimension,
Silence by the awkward tones of darkness,
It encloses as I begin to question my sanity.

Clawing desperately at the blackness,
Only now am I able to taste
The morality I once knew,
The tormenting sacrifice of all that has been created,
But is yet to be destroyed.

Closer now, can you sense it, over here,
The distorted reflection needlessly adrift,
Slowly vanishing like the life I never had,

Demoralized, I close my eyes, and await its arrival.

by Mitchell Dyck

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