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The Unspoken Words
NR (11/10/1989 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

The Unspoken Words

With piercing agony reflecting in my eyes
Writhered in pain
Lying barren
In a cold steel coffin
With hot iron chains around my body
Along with signs of torture
And unsaid and unspoken scars
On my mind
In my heart
Made me realise
Death was better
Than leading a life of pointless pain and humilation
For a barbaric man
Who gave me a thousand death
Every minute and every second
Changing my lighted and colourfulworld
Into a dark world under the sea of horror
Where I could recognize nothing
But mu heartrending poignant writhering life
That devastated my inner soul
Broke my heart into millions of pieces
Leaving an eternal scar
Not only on my body
But also in my heart
I wonder and pity
The judiciaries who are blind enough
To give a rotting and melancholy life to the innocents
By freeing the evils
For being unable to read the unspoken stories of the millions
Burried deep in grave for eternity
As the law makers are blind folded with a black scarf
Playing raffle draw wth the lives of millions
I question the law makers,
What is law?
Something that lives on false vanityOr,
A robot
That has been tuned by their masters
to hail them
To have a mind of theirs
But word of yours
Regardless, the sins you are committing
Making innocents like me suffer
From acute humilation and writhering pain
Death becomes the only choice
To free yourself
From such pointless pain torture
That time,
Suicide is no sin
But self defense
To free yourself from the barbarians

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