The Unsung Heroes And Heroines

They are not the type of people historians do recall
And their names will never be inscribed on any memorial wall
The women and men who work hard and live in the honest way
It can be truly said of them that they earn their every pay
The builders of communities the backbone of every town
One never can say of them that they do leave the Country down
They remain the unsung heroes and heroines and it does seem sad to say
That for their contributions to society for them never a loud hip hooray
Memories of their contributions to humanity should never be allowed to fade
Though to thank them for their efforts never a street parade
Like their ancestors before them the survival of humanity on them does depend
The financial economies of the World than them does not have a better friend
The few billionaires out of the hard work of working people accumulate most of their financial gain
Whilst the hard working men and women of the World as the unsung do remain.

by Francis Duggan

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