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The Unthinkable (S)
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

The Unthinkable (S)

Poem By Not Long Left

24 hours in a day,
every hour,
every minute,
every second,
tortured by his own mind,
behind those eyes,
a horror
so intense,
so real (to him)
so purposeful
in its attempt
to vacum up any scrapes of sanity.
He is an outcast,
a modern leper,
a warning to all,
of what might,
what could
what couldn't
(not to us)
if we let our minds wonder.
yet you
of course
are stronger than them
you have your jobs
chidren and friends.
sometimes little flickering
thoughts of madness,
flash through your minds,
dismissed as a blip,
a slick reminder
of what could.

i've seen you,
on the trains,
hiding behind your papers,
daring not meet there eerie eyes,
i hope your children
are as perfect as you.
and never see the world as blue.

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