The Untouchable Sky

The sky is mighty high
The sky is the limit
The sky has a powerful effect in stirring my mood
The sky is like a sheet of beauty and wonder
I want to touch the sky…..
I want to ride the clouds.....
I want to unleash the impossibilities
I want to dream about the sky, the stars and the moon.
How beautiful are the stars that twinkle in the black sky
How fresh is the orange burning sunset on the horizon
How stunning is the beaming yellow moon…..
How about the thrilling thunder and electrifying lightning rioting across the sky

The sky is untouchable!

by Premila Patel

Comments (4)

There's so much positive energy in this. Not content with the usual, you want to do something extraordinary. High voltage stuff, stirs up our energies as well. Great 10+++
hey premila, you also have here a good poem about the sky..10 well done!
This is a good poem...and I especially like the last line... well done...The sky can hold all sorts of imaginations for us..10 Su's
An evocative penning of the majesty of the sky.....