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The Untrustworthy Mr Howard

On the last Federal Election the Government of Australia they rubbished refugees
But this time on behalf of all fair minded Aussies I ask do not take advantage of the disadvantaged please
By discrediting poor Stateless people the untrustworthy Mr Howard
Won the majority of the non caring voters and by them he was re-empowered.

With the lie of the children overboard he so gladly went along
Just for his political advantage that seems so morally wrong
The children by their mothers as we now know were only thrown into the sea
Because their boat was sinking though that now is history.

Another Federal Election day is looming and Howard to power wants to cling
And some people to hang on to high office will do most anything
And he is one of that sort and though the Liberals of his economic credentials sing
In the Land of the Blind as we well know the one eyed man is king.

The images of our political leaders are mirrored in us all
And since Howard became Prime Minister in stature we've grown small
But this time on behalf of all broad minded Aussies I ask you Johnny please
Do try to fight a clean campaign and respect poor refugees

by Francis Duggan

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