The Upheavel

Poem By Unnati Xs...

This is about the depression of a young teen. Even though, she what she wants, it doesn’t feel right anymore. Something’s changed.

I feel like a coin
With two different sides
One is strong while
The other makes me weak inside
Why is there this upheaval in my mind?
What answer am I trying to find?
What I possess, seems so less
While others still feel jealous.
What do they see in me?
That my eyes fail to notice
I try to make the shot too
But unfortunately always miss
Life looks different from every angle
Sometimes its love, sometimes its struggle
What is real? What is true?
What is it that makes me blue?

There’s still emptiness, some loneliness
A frustration that is breaking me down
I’m drowning in this dark abyss
And have lost all hope of bliss
Love heals doubts, diffidence and pessimism
I’m waiting for it to overcome
Their criticism, their cynicism
All I can do is wait and anticipate
But negative thoughts keep crawling back
Something has changed my fate
And has made it dark and black
It’s hard to convince myself
That someone still dreams of me
Because I’ve lost all that it takes
To be confident, happy and free
Now I have what I wanted
Yet I feel so incomplete
Its not like it used to be

I do not want to be present with someone
I just intend to be present to someone
A heavy heart weighs me down
Yet I intend to rise again
I can’t smile when I wish to frown
Yet I intend to hide the pain
Friendships shatter, love is put off
Isolated in this world.
I follow pathways to insanity
Lonely in the crowd,
I face revolutions with humanity
Can someone find a solution to this crisis?
Other than death…resting in peace…..

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