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The Upstart Period
DC (04-25-81 / tulare california)

The Upstart Period

A group of undiscover specimem of poet's.
On the brink, of valorous success.
In this inter-breeding stage, of a new age testament.
Using fire-breathing word's, as the chosen one process.

Ascend a majestic-being, his name is Mr. Clark.
Living a epoch lifestyle. Mixing up my verse's.
5,000 year's, a long time. when poetry begin.

The Pre-Homeric Period, The Biblical / Homeric Period,
The Classical Period, Dark and Golden Ages,
The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, The 18th Century,
The 19th Century, The Romantic Period, The Victorian Period,
The 20th Century, The Modern Era, The Postmodern Era,
The Global Era, and now, The Upstart Period.

Eye's of rosy gleam, intellect of mental faculty.
As my poem genetic, form me into a ultra- poet.
The time has come; for all the upstart poet's.
To cinch claim, of are new millennium prominence.

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