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The Vacuum

Blanked out by silence
Have I fallen off your radar
Or ceased to be
To your scheme of things
Does love grow or shrivel
In a silent vacuum
Who knows?

Are you angry
Or hurt and disappointed
Fashionably blasé
Or plain bored
And couldn’t be bothered
About this tryst
With me or destiny
Do you care?

Are the challenges of
Your complicated life
So consuming
That there’s no
Left for me
Can you tell me honestly?

Do these questions
Mushroom wildly just in me
Or do they grow
In your mind too
What do you do
With the reply
Ignore or acknowledge
Are you honest with yourself?

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Comments (2)

ouch, very painful...really strong metaphor though...great as always anita
In a vacuum nothing gets in and nothing comes out lest you apply pressure and be ready for any truth. Good write again.