The Vagabond Poet

The vagabond poet is wandering in streets,
Talking cats and dogs during roaming he meets,
Mid night silence is dominant all rounds,
Broken by mewing and barking sounds,
Cold winds now blowing in the lonely night,
Moon is shining and stars are bright,
Sky is naked and free of clouds,
Earth's good bye to the autumn with shrouds,
Dew is a dream of a lovely leaf,
Skin now needs a waxy relief,
Flowers are sleeping and buds are dreaming,
The poet insane is a bit screaming,
The naughty scoundrel is on hunting for a thought,
For a quiet few days he is blocked with a drought,
Slowly and surely the cold is increasing,
The wind is paining and pinching and teasing,
An island he gets in a corner well protected,
A window of beauty made his heart infected,
Not only poet days and nights are affected,
Time turned static and the laws neglected.

He saw someone inside in a blue dim light,
In a white bridal dress what a lovely sight!
She was dressing her silky shining hair,
Sitting on a golden heavenly chair,
Moonlight was spreading from her lovely face,
Stars of eyes were increasing her grace,
For the poet she was an inspiring beauty,
Aesthetic sense was admiring her beauty,
The poet got her for the poem at last,
Really it was a creative blast.
She turned to the windows and smiled with a tweet,
I know you are there saw you in the mirror,
Get rid of fear I liked your terror.

Can't you open the doors and call me in,
I am a human being not an Angel or Jin,
Your time hasn't come you remain outside,
Let the springs come I shall call the tide,
Let the flowers spring let the leaves spout,
Let the wind be pleasant let the beauty come out,
Wait till the mustard yellow sexy flowers,
Make a place in the fields of the lonely bowers,
Wait till the birds sing inviting songs,
Wait till the winds sing exciting songs.

Wait on the earth and go on creeping,
You naughty vagabond! The skies you are peeping.
I am a fairy of your thoughts I don't exist,
The blocking of your mind I come to resist.
Though grilled even open it's just for you,
Frequently visit make it must for you,
Write poems on me, my smiles and cries,
If your love is love you will get me in skies.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (10)

A creative blast! ! Thanks for sharing.
beautiful imagination and awesome write.....great work..
a beautiful poem some fairy land with great imagery
If your love is love you will get me in skies. Sweet and charming write.
Beautiful poem- You naughty vagabond! The skies you are peeping..thank you
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