The Value Of "Chastity"

Chastity is the beauty of an African girl
Well guard and preserved for marriage to such gentle male
Even if it was worth a price,
Her mother's advice says never throw it easy like a dice
Once you have taken off that seal
There is no a reverse deal

To all the girls

Girls, cross your legs do not open them
The loss of your chastity is equals to your shame
Chastity is a mark of respect for your parents
A trouphy for your husbund without negetive comments

By Kudakwashe Kasio

by Kudakwashe Kasio

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Excellent performance keep it up
(cont.) 2 - but, that said, a sober mind and firm resolve and an emphatic " NO" , and, if necessary, a scream and/or Karate chop may come in handy as well. bri :)
1 - " A trouphy for your husbund without negetive comments" check spellings in this line, x3. as for illustration: crossing legs, with a 'short-enough' dress or skirt can be very sensual to some observers (at least to me) . i think keeping legs together and feet flat on floor may be preferable for those females wishing to not attract men. pants are even better. (cont.)
A good massage to the society Thanks Kasio
A good massage to the society
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