The Value Of Honesty

As a child
I considered the possibility of happiness
To be so alien to me
As to be non existent

I lived in a world
Based on domination, humiliation and deprivation
At a young age I had
Already taken sanctuary in a world
Within the confines of my mind
Bristling with heroic acts
And fragile moments
the dichotomy of what was too real
And what was not real enough

Quietly, almost tenderly
It engulfed me in a darkness
So complete that I wasn’t
To surface again
Until my deepest reality
At last became the truth

by Elizabeth Russell

Comments (2)

This is terribly, terribly sad. You have written it so well. So much feeling, depth and emotion. You really are a very good writer. Love Gyp's
poetry is therapeutic and bare it all through it. you will soon find your darkest self decipatting