Novus Ichthus Luce Roma (Personal Design Graphic)

This is the Will of the Senate and The People of The Novus Ichthus.. Alpha Omega, Anno Domini

by Lewis Findley

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Ripper says it all this poem rings true the strife that sometimes brings a man to his knees
This poem is one of my favourites, and speaks to every male on the planet. Despite the name, it does not lay the blame on the lady. Rather, this is something we (men) do to ourselves, more or less, at some point in our lives. Hopefully, we survive it, and learn from it, and move on. On a different point, this version of the poem contains two transcription errors. I am aware that different texts will often disagree on precise wording, and the works of Kipling seem especially prone to this, but I am fairly certain these are errors. To wit: in the third verse, the fourth and fifth lines are reversed. It should read: (And it wasn't the least what the lady meant) , But a fool must follow his natural bent Also, in the fifth verse, the first line should read: The fool 'was' stripped, not 'we' stripped.