GH (October 12,1979 / Wichita, KS)

The Vampire Within

hello my angel love
i have missed you so
over these long and lonely years
i long to be with you
will you take me as i am
for i am not the same being
that you fell in love with so long ago
for now i look like a dark angel
when in all actuality
i am the vampire within
oh my angel love
i can't help but want
to feel you body close to mine again
i miss your touch and kiss
for you gave me life
when i thought i was gone
the light in your soul
still gives me some hope
that i don't have to be this way forever
can it be true my angel love
that it may be possible for us
to be lovers again
even with the vampire within
a chance for me to feel
your silky smooth skin
as i feel your body with my hands
i promise to protect us from sight
with my ever so large wings
for i need you now my angel love
to take care of this desire in me
i promise to you
that i will not turn you
for i could not hurt you my angel love
as i am with you i will do my best
to keep my fangs in during our time
for i hope you can love me
even with the vampire within

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words of promise sealed with blood you deserve it because its right nice work
Mmmmm... I think this is very erotic... and romantic too. It's a 10.