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The Vampires Of War
OG Osman Gani (30/06/1989 / Khulna)

The Vampires Of War

Palestine is bleeding and the bloods of innocents
Are flowing like teardrops of a parent-less child.
It can be the teardrops of anyone, even the parents.
Vampires of war are sucking every drop of blood.

The more they suck, the more the thirst increases,
As if it is a disease or could be a rotten gangrene.
Bloods are being spilled, sucked until it appeases
The unquenchable thirst of those vampire gunmen.

Price of blood seems cheaper than that of water
And Humanity weeps inside the core of humans.
Some egocentric groups fight among each other
While the corpses pile up to build their crowns.

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The first line of the last stanza..... amazing! ! ! !