MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

The Vanities Of City Lives

All in hundreds, all in needs
From interior homes of birth,
To the city vanities of shows
Wanting, many having none.

All in hundreds, to the schools
Leaving the farms and crops fallow
They employed the white man’s book
To destroy ancestral skills.

Money! Money! ! , now a mark
For the city dignitaries, lies and vain
All in hundreds in the fleets
Pride themselves material gain
House and crops and wives and lust
Endless wars for all the vain.

Kindest gods come and see
All the villages empty now
All the children now in schools
Of the white man’s lies and all.
All in the toils and daily deals
Still as first time as we came
From this city fair of craze
Let’s return and build our homes.

by macaulay akinbami

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