The Vanity Of Search -Based Of The Teaching Of Gouthama Buddha

Poem By Alfred Kumar

Dawn descended Crushing the Placid Night.
Tearing with its claws the Tranquil of Divine Dark.
Piercing and butchering with the sward of Light
the merciful twilight found no Strength, but
slipped in to the dead of grave, wounded and heavy

The rumbling noise of people gathered and crowded
The Futile Feet of men Stepped around, to and fro
People walked, vehicles droved the search continued
the search for peace, the search for Joy.
People knew where to look for and and how to find it
peace is in the Sweet smell of Paper called money
it is in the belove d's Eyes glimmer.
It is in the Seat of Power and position

There is no Everest that cannot be climbed
No Ocean that cannot be Voyaged,
No distance that cannot be traveled
At any cost the Peace is to be found, cradled
amongst the Money and power
The search has begun and continues forever.

The Search is on and On, And On and On
The Search has carried on for eon
for many generations the search continued
it took us to the deepest infinity of space,
To Abyss of ocean, there is no respite from the race.
All is in Vain; Peace has vanished without a trace

Where it might be hiding, Oh peace where Art thou?
You deluded us for ages, your face you never show.

Are we searching in a wrong place? Where peace is not.
We thought it is in the Island in the middle of river;
perhaps it is the very river.
We thought it is the name of a Inn in the corner of the Road
perhaps it is the Very road.
We thought it is in the bird singing on the tree
perhaps it is the Very tree

We searched in the past, present and Future,
But past is a History and Future is a Illusion
Perhaps it is in the present, But the Present
is full of suffering, not trace of peace is found,

Oh Dear peace where art thou, May be you exist not
are you just a fantasy dreamt by Unhappy Mind?
Are you just a fiction giving us the Futile Mirage of Hope?

You peace, you just a dream in our fantasy stream.
You peace. You exist not, in your madness our mind is caught

So give up the search for all the search is in vain
Give up the Hope, let go the hold of the rope
Let go the eagerness, and relax in its oness

Stop the Search, stop the Desirer of Peace
Once the Desirer is stopped, the Craving for peace is ceased
we find ourself in a place so strange.
Our Mind is Void, empty of Desirer and anxiety.
In this nullity our mind relaxes, thus opens a new axis
in this utter tranquil and Carefree of mind
the True peace and Joy we can find.

The Greatest ever told oracle
flashes to us from beyond time and space, oh! What magical
the Peace is not found in the search or in its desire
Drop the Very desire of peace, cease the search,
Thus we transmigrate to a new realm, full of peace and joy

Thus the voice of Buddha lingers every where
Drop the Desire, in this you will find Peace

Comments about The Vanity Of Search -Based Of The Teaching Of Gouthama Buddha

Good poem. Very true.

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