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The Vast Extent Of A Human Life
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The Vast Extent Of A Human Life

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

Outside the temperature
kept falling
near zero now
when Izzy trudged in
sitting at my table. “I have to have
an operation on my leg, ” he said,
“the third one
after my wife died
everything went bad
and where I’m living
they don’t give heat! ”
“Call the Housing Department, ” I said
trying to be helpful.
“BUMS, ” he exploded
leaping to his feet
only to plop down
a second later. “I had a hard life
didn’t ask for a hard life
but had a hard life
my two children I hadda bury...
all sorts of pain
force myself to go on—
but got no pleasure
such energy just
to put on my clothes.
I grow weary. Free from suffering
I’ll never be.
what a torment!
Do I make sense?
The plug’s
been pulled. I’m
in the bottomless hole! the Rabbi says,
‘With sufficient Will
you can do anything.’
Yesterday I fainted twice
trying to tie my
left shoelace.
Such a thing!
Go know God hates me.
I never knew.
Now I know! ”
“Need a few dollars, Izzy? ” I asked,
“to get a good meal. It’ll cheer you up a bit.”
“Another life!
my young friend
can you help me with that? ”

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We dream to start over, or we dream for the opportunity to go back and change...often wondering as the end is approaching... if we accomplished all we needed to do in our life. When one's entire life is buried...what else can be thought of but death, misery, and the need to blame for not having an answer. A sad but great story of human emotion. (So...after much thought Charles...I think you are either a psychologist in hiding...or the Mayor of Coney Island advertising) lol :) Angie A great story.