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The Veil
AK (07/31/66 / Albany NY)

The Veil

It was a night beneath a mystic moon,
a lone horseman rode through the of the land of tombs,
Moon light, star light with the mist did weave,
A ghostly veil that stood before rider and steed.
Should he enter, should he proceed,
Into the land that slays him in his dreams?
He looked back upon the only land he has known,
A land so cold a land of stone.
The armor he wore bore the scares of a thousand wars,
How he dream’t of peace and to serve the king of fear no more.
He drew his sword and raised his shield,
But like so many time before,
His fears wouldn't yield,
He bowed his head in shame,
For that beast he couldn't tame.
With a trembling hand he stroked his horse's mane,
Coming to rest trembling upon it's reins,
He leaned forward and whispered into his horse's ear and said,
“ can it be friend ”?
that courage is just fear that said a prayer?
And with a snap of his horse’s reins,
His horse's eyes turn from chestnuts to flames,
Front hooves stabbed into the night air,
As though they were climbing a heavenly stair,
And with the sound of thunder they tore through the veil,
Into a land where life prevailed.

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