' The Velvet Strand

Along this cosmic filament
Flows wisdom, subconscious awareness -
From one corner of the world to another,
Differences dissolve into realization

by Linda Ori Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

a really wonderful poem ma'm....essence of oneness beautifully highlighted.....excellent! !
I touched carefully and it's really a velvet strand!
All of the posibilities you describe is part of what makes life so thoroughly exciting. Loved it! ! '10! ' Warm Wishes, Marilyn
The only comment that commensurate the majesty of this work are these line; your lines “Within a sea of ‘others’ Why do we recognize That one specific person Seen only through our eyes”
such a expansive vision..well contained and explored here in your poem...lol..yep..it resonated and struck a 'chord' within me...as it was supposed to :) tom
Interesting exploration! It happens! Spiritually connectivity takes place between persons before they actually meet in person and when it happens it is felt that they have met already somewhere! It shows that there is interdependence among all!
An intrigueing write Linda, you conjure so many possibilities, a thought provoking write Daniel 10
A Socratic statement, if i ever read one....Do you know Plato too, or The Wizard of Oz & Toto too? ! lol! .....A theory with much substance, Midnight...A bit Cranial, for a blonde tho', don't you think? HAH! Tres bon, mon ami! FjR