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The Velvet Touch
LT (May 12,1984 / Fort Worth, Texas)

The Velvet Touch

Poem By Lee Tran

Bathe in moonlight's naked glow
Holding the one you love by the fingertips
Look into each others' eyes, deep in thought,
Your mind flutters for the right words,
But all you feel is the soft caress of a kiss,
And both hearts skip as a wave of warmness
Brings both of you down upon your knees,
On silk bedsheets with the ethereal glow of candles,
Breathe deeply the aroma of cinnamon incense.

She sighs against your hot body
Laying across her on top, his kisses on your neck,
Growing tense and restless under him,
Heartbeats rise and fall with each breath,
A touch so gentle and aware,
Sending aftershocks through your spine.

He moves lower, his hands cupped over your breasts,
Nimbly pinching your hard nipples,
Every nerve ending letting loose in your throat,
Tracing a wet finger down your tummy,
Until you can't take it no more,
Breathing becomes labored, intense
Another shattering kiss to your inner thigh,
Before he heads for home, coming across the sweet nectar,
As a conouisseur tastes the red wine,
That flows gently down a river of ecstasy,
Waiting to burst open the full blossom of love.

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