The Very Next Morning

Poem By Osama Aldeyasty

The very next morning, after your good bye,
I'm lying in bed; staring at the ceiling.
O God! Let it be a dream, let it be a lie.
Bitterness in throat, what an awful feeling!

Out in balcony, sitting there in a lonely chair.
It's my first morning without you, I hopelessly know,
I know I'll never see you here or there.
It's out of hand for me and you.

Still sitting there in a lonely chair,
Frozen hearted, God it's true!
The sea sunrays burning my hair,
Spending hours thinking of you.

Still sitting there in a lonely chair,
Cold and pale; a tree in the fall.
Day is a daydream, night is a nightmare:
Daydreams of you become so true after all.

Days and nights are passing by;
Still see your face behind each door.
I'll try to live, I'll give it a try,
But my garden's trees are green no more.

Without you near it's a daily wish,
With all your smiles haunting my heart,
To keep my soul with life in touch:
You take my life when you depart.

Every day, in tears and pain,
I kiss wherever you placed your fingertips.
Your hand in mine shall we again?
And take me high to taste your lips.

The tender breeze from your place,
Brings me the roses of your hair.
It takes my heart high with grace;
It takes my heart to see you there.

I keep walking by the seaside,
To find the traces of your feet.
Sand blind, but my heart will guide
To find the spot where we stopped to meet.

Every woman talking is your voice.
Every woman I meet it's you there.
I'll be insane, I have no choice,
Unless you back and feel you near.

I'll wait for you, whatever it takes,
To come one day and touch me true.
My lips' smiles are all mistakes:
Until you back grief is my virtue.

To the heart so warm and sweet,
To the eyes so charming brown,
I dream that again we'll meet,
To place on them a crown.

Copyright ©2003

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