Drug Abuse

Drugs like Marijuana, heroine and cocaine
Can destroy your brain
Because of the substances they contain
So refrain and abstain
It cause me so much pain
To see people who have been trained
By the country to maintain, retain and sustain
Our economy are dealing in cocaine
Can someone please explain?
This is not what Ghana bargained for
It grieves me more to see our leaders and
Businessmen who conspire
To Import drugs that have expired
At the detriment of other peoples life
For their own selfish desires
Who do they intend to inspire
To me, this is dire
We have to relocate and locate to a better location
We have to generate and regenerate our generation
We have dissociate and associate ourselves to a good association
Nobody has been able to trace
The source of this menace
Drug abuse is something we must not embrace
It is covering our space at a fast pace
And it is a disgrace
People take drugs for pleasure
Others take them to overcome the pressure
But for most young ones it is through curiosity and peer-pressure
All I want to tell you is that
Don’t become a problem for the community
Don’t become a burden on society
Keep your integrity and preserve your dignity
Don’t let the illicit use of drugs be your habit
Else you will become a drug addict
Please! Please! ! Please! ! ! QUIT

by Rhyme sonny

Comments (16)

These words reminded me of my parents separating. We were free from violence and no longer needed to fear.
Being abused! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Abuses in any form whether domestic, in workplace or anywhere else create a deep impact in an individual, a wound that might be treated in due time or will remain and shape the person's character. A meaningful poem on a sensitive issue. Beautifully crafted and well executed write. Vividly portrayed.10
A heart touching poem on how one suffers when being abused. Thanks for sharing. Deserved to be chosen as the poem of the day.
This sad poem on abuse by men has some fantastic images in it. 'Nixon's helicopter lifted off the South Lawn' and 'Those dark carcasses hung in your closet'
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