AH ( / England)

The Viking

A standing tall upon the cliff
A wondrous figure I do see
Of golden hue, eyes pure emerald green
As beautiful, none Ive seen

The wind it takes his golden mane
The sea and spirits he vows to tame
Seeking one fair of form
That of this life she destined share

In his eyes I see a land
As rich and vibrant as this man
In the distance Viking song
To demons pledge, they belong

Oh splendorous one give up this dance
Must you ever take this stance
A bloody feud
A hero make
Into her arms must Freyja take

I am near whilst you ride the sea
But never will you heed my plea
As my heart it sings for your return
To this the land that you were born

Without thought of me
You rage this war
And so as I wait upon this shore
A piece of my soul
Today will die
For this one has not need for me
Viking blood no friend does seek

by Alc Harris

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