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The Village Well

Can you keep a secret,
and promise not to tell.
That is what the people said,
about the village well.
Their well had held a secret,
for the past one hundred years,
everytime it was mentioned,
it fell upon deaf ears.
The story tells of Lotty,
orphaned from birth.
Who only spent a short time,
on this beloved earth.
She was raised in squaller,
until she was seven.
It was then, that our Lord,
called her to heaven.
The village well,
was where she ate her bread,
but people passed her by
and words were never said.
One day she took a drink,
from the village well.
The bricks began to crumble,
then to the bottom she fell.
No one came, to help
her crys could not be heard.
Lotty perished in the depth,
and no one said a word.
They kept it all a secret,
then only should it be told
when the secret of the well,
became one hundred years old.
Then it was decided,
to see if she could be found,
so that she could be buried
in consecrated ground.
The well was very deep,
so the people began to prey,
to ask The Lords forgiveness,
for that most unfortunate day.
It was only ingnorance,
that's why they would not tell.
The story of Lotty,
and the secret of the well.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (3)

Spellbinding story, Sylv. I think I'd have liked a more moral ending, some kind of come-uppance against the village for its heartlessness. But then, why should you? It's your crazy write! ! ! (And I mean 'crazy' in the warmest of senses. I wouldn't be giving you a 10 otherwise) . Warm regards from I-wasn't-born-under-Bow-Bells-either, Gina. PS. I know Plumstead and Abbey Wood a little bit. Warmly, Gina.
Hi! Sylvia Could this be true? Leaves me guessing but very interesting all the same.Love Duncan
Interesting story, Sylvia. It held me from start to finish. You might want to fix one place: 'everytime it was mentioned, it fell upon death (should be deaf) ears.' Nice read. Warmest regards, CJ