The Vip Visitor

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

The Queen had visitors that day,
'twas Howard, John, head of Down Under.
She asked him 'would it be okay
if prior to the storm and thunder
which is expected early eve
that you and I, the Royal Queen
take with the carriage our leave,
to make the rounds and thus be seen.
The commoners enjoy the sight.
So they went off,8 shiny horses
she talked and Howard thought he might
bring up the subject of divorces
because he was a nosy man.
The Queen was steering with much skill
when suddenly, near number ten
the leading horse, his name was Will
released a cloud of toxic gas
which, in the company of thunder
had come out of the horse's ass
and scared the Aussie from Down Under.
'Oh, pardon me', the Queen exclaimed
' it is an unexpected force',
says Howard: 'Do not be ashamed,
at first I thought it was the horse.'

Comments about The Vip Visitor have once again outdone yourself...this is indeed a tribute to your genius and...mother nature at her best...ahhh, yes... Lare
This one appeals to my warped sense of humor
The last four lines are worthy of the great tradition of scurrilous anti-Royal verse, but even better...
Herbert, what a delightful ending! Thank you for my first smile of the day! Warmest regards, CJ

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