KH (11/15/37 / New Jersey)

The Vision

From its station
with great span
of wings outspread.
I watched the eagle.

Yet saw not
that monarch of the blue.
Instead a vision
so profound unfold.

Radiating from behind
a shimmering glow.
Golden silvery light
poured forth.

From within emerged
a figure in brilliant white.
Still the two
remained as one.

mountain strong.
But gentle soft
as a feather's touch.

Eyes dark intense
all seeing yet warm.
wise and understanding.
Ever forgiving.

Those outstretched wings
now open arms.
calling out to all.

Temperate but mighty
a voice spoke out.
'When you fear reach for me.
I am your shield and strength.'

I looked away then back.
My vision had passed.
As though
it had never been.

Standing proud and strong
the eagle remained.
It seemed to say.
'In me see always Him.'


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