The Vision

Poem By James Darwin Smith II

The vipers are amongst us
Hidden fictionally with good intentions
Wearing plastic hallos
In front of the world
While smiling insidiously
With fork tongued desires
Empathy they claim to have
Slithering as one in a pit of disillusion
Harbingers of confusion
Bearing false witness
To their holier than thou desires
Swimming in gold made pools
While so many suffer
Trying to survive one day at a time

But all is good
Because those overly fortunate
Crown themselves rulers
Of the kingdom of lies
Kings and queens of morality
Swallowing the tears of the punished
Only to turn them into the toxic breath
Of their own venomous ways
Spitting in the faces of the less fortunate
As they deem them lepers
Fornicating in the deception
That the punished are well off
Being the worst that could ever be
Because achieving without a conscious
To them is the only thing worth believing

And the sacrifices of the meek continues
Till all the resources are gone
And then the greedy ones go off
Finding a new home
As they leave the weary
Behind, only to burn in away
In the damage caused
By those who more powerful
Than they should have ever been

The Vipers will leave us
When they destroy everything
Searching for another paradise to destroy
So they can proclaim themselves
Martyrs to their own cause
Of soul alienation

The more they destroy
The more superior they feel
Celebrating each conquest
As if they Goddesses and Gods
Of all that lives in the universe

They are World eaters
Hope bleeders
Shedding pollution
To each paradise they woefully encounter
As they slither on to their own deceptive endeavour

These vipers proclaim freedom
To those less fortunate
Biting the hands that lift them up
And we all fall down
But them

The apple was poisoned all along
They just had to tell it in their own way
Through a giant hourglass of mass delusion

They keep rising
And we all fall down

Who really resides in a kingdom of confusion?
The legion of flesh
Taking what they proclaim is theirs
While destroying everything that gets in their way

The Vipers keep winning
The prey cannot do anything but suffer
As they cause hysteria to those
Without any thoughts of their own
And we all descend but them
But of course

But whose souls are not sold
To the lowest form of character
Not ours
As we fly to the light with our freedom

It will be us who rises
In the end

No ending for warm intent
Of souls ascending
To an eternal welcoming
Of enlightened love

No fear
All will get much better someday

Just keep on Loving
And all will be better in the never-ending

Dream beautiful dreams
No one could ever take that away
From me and you

Love on Strong

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