( / Derby, England)

The Visitor

A blind middle aged man
sat alone in his new flat
listening to the silence;
he enjoyed doing that.

He sensed someone close
and strained to hear.
"Hello, who is there? He said,
"I know someone is here."

The silence remained unbroken,
but he knew he wasn't alone.
"I ask again, what do you want,
and why are you in my home? "

He became anxious and fidgety,
and said, "Why do you not speak?
What are your intentions?
Do you fear the weak?

You must know that I'm blind
and I am no threat to you,
so why do you not communicate
like normal people do?

Do you have trouble hearing?
Is that why you do not respond?
Well, I will do the talking
and you just tag along.

Because I am not entirely certain
that anyone is really there
I will carry on as if you are,
so please interrupt whenever you care.

Are you alone in life just like me,
with no friends to converse with?
And do you spend most of your time
thinking that this is no way to live?

Have you been here for long?
I mean here in my room.
I do believe that you are here,
so please feel free to speak soon."

"I'm sorry, I've been here for quite some time,
and I can't remember when I came,
but it was a very long time ago, so much so,
every day seems the same."

"You sound despairingly lonely,
as though life has become too much for you.
Is there not anything that will improve your life
tomorrow, or in a week or two? "

"I have told you, life is the same for me everyday
and nothing can be altered or rearranged.
Nobody can do anything for me,
so nothing is going to change."

"Please don't give up hope just yet
I'll offer you a helping hand.
I do not know exactly how I can do that,
so please help me to understand? "

"There is nothing that anyone can do,
the living or the dead.
I do not even have a place to live,
or anywhere to lay my head.

There is no one I can converse with,
you are the first for many a year,
and if you were capable of seeing
you would see that I'm not here! "

by Orlando Belo

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Beautiful words that I had to re read. A very moving poem that I was just meant to read. I thank you