TR (3/6/90 / bolton, uk)

The Voice

Whisper, or a song
Speaking, or reading
His voice is un-mistakable.

The voice of an angel,
So soft, so soothing,
It removes you from your thoughts,
Takes you away to his dream.

Close your eyes to listen,
Feel the beauty of this man's voice,
Singing is his passion,
Singing his feelings to the world.

I listen, you may listen,
If you listen to the story he sings,
The words go deeper than anything.

If he hooks onto you,
Like he's hooked onto me,
Follow his dream with him,
That's where you will find the dream of your own.

by trina ryan

Comments (1)

wow, very very beautiful...and soothing, it flows easily. It's like a remedy to pain. Great job! Elya Thorn