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The Voice Of Celtic

Into Parkhead’s passionate atmosphere,
The voice of Celtic is what you’ll hear,
As we sing from the depths of our hearts and souls,
Songs of glory, both young and old.

And we sing of our ancient homeland across the Irish Sea
That has felt the pain and wrath of British tyranny,
And we’ll sing of McGrory, Maley and a hundred more
Who have walked through the threshold of Celtic Park’s door.

In the Celtic pubs around the old Gallowgate
Were pints of Guinness flow smoothly down our necks,
We’ll huddle round the bar with pints in our hands,
Sing our love for Celtic and dear old Ireland.

Around the globe, the voice of Celtic grows,
From New York to Sydney, Alaska and Toronto,
In our green & white hoops, we stand on ceremony
Be it midnight or dawn, to watch the Celtic play.

Feb’5th 2004

by Daniel McDonagh

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