The Voice Of No One

Poem By Cassie Lee

Written in P.E.I, summer 2006.
In a place so very far from home
a place where I am all alone.

No music to consol my grief,
no friend to help in time of need.
There's nothing in this town for me,
no one willing to let me breath.

I turn around and bow my head,
and decide to take a walk instead.

As I walk along the sandy shore,
I find that there is so much more.

The birds that fly above my head,
the waters rush against a sandy bed.

The sun above
the grass below
I realize now-
Im not alone.

I do not need the human voice,
to tell me that I have a choice.

After all this time, I've come to see I have found another friend.
The friend of nature is truly mine, until the very end.

Comments about The Voice Of No One

Great writing Cassie, this was very heart felt and flowed beautifully, truly was a great read! ! !
beautiful all i can say...

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