OW (29-5-1945 / Hobart Tasmania)

The Voice With In

The voice that comes from the heart is not understood by many people,
The message is unheard by the majority,
Most make the mistake of believing the mind does all our thinking for us,
Why then does our heart fell so much pain when someone or something that we love dies?
Why when deciding what’s right or wrong our hearts know the answers.
Our hearts are always right; our minds are mostly cloudy and confused,
Our minds in some people live in darkness,
They bring hell into our lives,
They bring the horror of war into our lives,
There the corrupt ones,
There the murderers, the thieves and rapists,
Rape can be carried out upon our Mother Earth not just humans,
Stealing can be carried out upon our Mothers breast,
Deep below and above her body,
Her heart beats and beats out the message, not many here her cry,
At times her breast opens and screams, still we do not listen,
Her body trembles in pain, we do not feel,
Her heart is breaking; we will not fix it,
Infection lies in her tears, we will not wipe them away,
Our Mother doesn’t have a mind, she has a heart,
She has tears,
They can be tears of joy or tears of despair,
Our Mothers heart is connected to our hearts,
Some of us feel the rhythm, know the beat,
Know when she is sad,
Some of us get the message that’s sent from her heart as she cries out for help,
The day that her heart stops beating ours will stop in unconsciousness and knowledge,
In being,
Once the infection of her heart and body has been destroyed, she will heal,
Lightning speared from the universe driven into our Mothers heart will ignite the power of her heart,
The beat will be heard through out the universe,
Those of true heart shall rise up with her to become her children again,
All those who didn’t feel with their hearts, who have no heart will be no more,
The sound of the cannon of the gun will be no more,
Pain and suffering will cease to be,
People’s hearts will rejoice and not know pain,
Our Mother Earth will be covered in splendor,
Beauty and tranquility will be supreme,
All our hearts will be one, not knowing tiredness or fatigue,
The Great Spirit will walk amongst us,
There will be no shadows or darkness in our lives,
All the animals shall live in safety and security,
The lion and the lamb will play together as brothers and sisters,
The eagle will fly in crystal clear skies, seeing visions of wonderment,
His Masters breath is pure and gentle as it flows under and over the eagles form,
The heart beat of our mother is unstressed and tranquil,
Hate has been eradicated from the human heart,
Human feet dance to the beat of the heart with in,
To the heart beat of our Mothers heart,
We live in her dream that she has for us,
The Great Spirit waits out side the turning circle, soon he will step into our dimension,
Our Mother will expand in expectation to accommodate all of the lost ones,
All who were taken human and animal, plants and trees, fish and birds?
All signs of concrete and steel, roads will not exist,
For they have no hearts,
Aero planes and automobiles gone, no one has memories of these things,
The great cavernous holes left by mining companies gone,
There were no visible signs of a heart in mining companies’ decisions and actions,
Trees of greatness have returned to scorn the mills and men, who bought them down,
The men of the chain saw and the axe had no hearts,
Bank managers and share holders were void of a heart,
Money has no place in our new world; it’s the root of all evil,
Money making mentality is not required or wanted in our new world,
Heartless people commit heartless acts, on people and the environment,
All religions that are of the heart will become one,
Religious fanatics will be forgotten, not needed,
Their hearts are cracked and faulty; they do not transmit or receive any goodness,
Racism and predgerdism festers against people who are different,
All our hearts are of the same color,
Have the same feeling and aspirations,
A good heart is easy to see,
A bad heart is not all that obvious,
They crawl into your life, scavenge what they can and then run,
The damage they cause can break ones heart leaving you devastated,
One day hearts and minds will work together bringing complete peace,
At the moment in most people there working in complete separation.

(4/13/2007/“Asi’ ‘Yahola;)


by Osceola Waters

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