I have to exercise everyday
But the guilt just never goes away
I exercise to try and keep my weight down
But when im weighted all I can do is frown

No matter how much I do
It never seems like enough
Im never happy with my body
All I feel is fed up

I exercise all day
Until I cant do anymore
I exercise and exercise
Until im exhausted and my body is sore

The amount of exercise that I do
You would think it would keep me thin
But theres fat everywhere all over me
I cant get rid of it, I just cant win

I get fed up more and more
When I look at myself in the mirror
Why doesn’t exercise work
Why I am I not thinner

by kate Emma

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THE VOICES: THE SUICIDE'S SONG (J.B. LEISHMAN TRANSLATION) Another moment to live through then. How the rope I fasten, again and again someone cuts. I'd got prepared so wonderfully, and already a little eternity was in my guts. They bring me now, as they have done before, this spoonful of life to sup. No, I won't, I won't have anymore, let me bring it up. Life's an excellent thing I know, through all the world outspread; I simply can't digest it though, it only goes to my head. It nourishes others, it makes me ill; one can dislike the thing. what for a thousand years I'll still require is dieting.
actually THE VOICES is Nine leaves with a title leaf, and the poem you have listed is the poem for the title leaf. You left out: THE BEGGARS SONG THE BLIND-MAN'S SONG THE DRINKER'S SONG THE SUICIDE'S SONG THE WIDOWS SONG THE IDIOT'S SONG THE ORPHAN GIRL'S SONG THE DWARF'S SONG AND THE LEPER'S SONG.
God prefers to listen to the song of the less fortunate and comes to stay long with them when the castrati's song disturbs him! Perhaps, Rilke means that the castrati themselves are less fortunate having lost their manhood for the soprano singing and their song is as disturbing as that of the less fortunate in the streets who sing begging for money.