Perfect You

Do you ever lay alone at night?
Dreaming about the perfect life?
The perfect smile, the perfect hair, the perfect body; easiness everywhere

But then you open your eyes and feel a sudden emptiness
A deep unsatisfying sorrow that takes over your mind
A wave of insecurity crashes your soul
An unpleasing wind breezes your inner whole

You try to think of the good things about yourself, about your life
But nothing compares to the images in your mind
Suddenly you feel meaningless and doubtful
You know that whatever you do won't shine as bright as the unrealistic picture you painted

You try to erase that thought but it won't go away
You try to think of your values, but it doesn't feel the same

Why won't you snap out of it?
Don't you see the point?
Your unattainable goal leaves nothing but yourself to disappoint

'It's not fair! ' you scream
Why can't that be me?
Why can't I be pretty, lovely, and happy?

Frustration fills your body, anger fills your head
Your security is hanging on like a needle to loose thread

Eventually, you become numb and in need of positive assist
Now you've come to realize the perfect you will never exist

by Naomi Mith

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