The Vulture

I stay in the background
Hovering high over the ground
Searching nay for rotten feed
Looking for long forgotten dead

I walk around with no fear of death
With the way am made
Who will think of me as feed?
I get as near with no fear of cages
As ugly as i am who'll make me a pet

I reel in my fortune
With neither fear nor jealousy
My only hint of sadness
Are my bleak eye and head
As even though am ‘free as free'
I still envy the eagle and beauties
For i hear discontentment is natural

by hamid kareem

Comments (3)

The point of view of the vulture is interesting. Its also very subjective, as vultures do have a certain majesty and in urbans areas they arouse much interest. Good poem.
A vulture never has to worry much about a meal because things constantly die, but yes, the dignity and title you get for being a scavenger, isn't always the best. To be great, without glory is what one could say. Beautiful Write.
this is a great piece Harim