The Vultures Are Here To Finish The Job

I woke up with the feeling of being
a carton of ice cream in the freezer
I got out of bed and my bones chomped
like mountain-top snow
The cold was nibbling on them
because it already got the meat
The vultures are here to finish the job
When will the spring come

by Theorem The Truth Serum

Comments (3)

It's hell being a cold-natured being isn't it. You need to move to the tropics my friend. Good write. Great images and a fine finish, too.10 from me with empathy. Hugh
Nothing worse than the chill in the bones. If I could I'd send you a hot water bottle. Hows that for 'thinking of you' type friendship. Nice poem. Love Ernestine XXX
That's a pretty bad case of the winter blahs.......... nicely put though. I can definitely relate! Sincerely, Mary