(June 16th,1971 / Hull, Quebec, Canada)

The Wages Of Sin

The wages of sin
is not only
that is what they
do not tell you.

Death is not even
the most burdensome

The most burdensome
wage of sin
is ignorance,
it is our punishment
for our vanity,
our vain attempt
to become gods
to play God,
to be God.

For this
we have been banished
from enlightenment;
from knowing God.
We have been punished;
doomed to ever seek knowledge
and to never find it,
to labour under an illusion
that we may inform ourselves,
through rational thought,
as to the true nature of
the universe;
the true workings
of the mind of God;
never truley realizing that
no matter how much
we think we know,
none of it is certain.
No matter how much
we think we know,
we may know nothing.

Our science is a game
of chance,
arrogance is the ante,
our own naivety is the dealer,
the watchman
the whoremaster.

by Derek R. Audette

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