The Waiting Time

Sitting watching you fade away
Able to do nothing but wait until you go
The minutes pass by hour by hour
The hands of the clock they move so slow.

It is not you we see lying there
Not the man we have always known in our lives
And as you change and become frail
The hurt grows worse the longer you survive

That is the curse of the waiting time
When we wish you were finally at peace, asleep
But thank the powers that are above
They let you live on even though we do weep

We feel the pain even though you do not
As you slip so very slowly into the dark of death
The waiting time holds us all at bay
As we both pray for and dread your last breath

The hour will come when you go
Our tears will flow freely there is no doubt
But in these lingering days until then
We learn what the waiting time is all about.

by Anthony Lund

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