The Waitress

With that noise I open my eyes, Tomorrow awaited now arrives,
Comb my hair wash my face, Put on a dress and pickup the pace,
Arrive my shift early today, Two more days till my off day,
For this alone I work and wait, But sometimes it is me that's late.

Unlock the door first one here, One of my regulars suddenly appears,
Start the coffee set him a place, Cookie arrives a smile on his face,
Wipe the table open the register, Greet another 'How ya doin mister? '
Take an order Ham and Eggs, Toast and coffee 'Some cream? ' he begs.

Place an order greet a friend, There's no tellin where this will end,
Its crowded now, orders mixed up, An older fella just wants a cup,
3 kids spill milk, I wipe it down, But never to them do I frown,
Bring another milk for them, A break right now is just a whim.

Tips are good, it is the weekend, I wonder when this day will end,
3 passes made, parried with skill, Sometimes I wish looks could kill,
I like my job it's work I hate, The other waitress is running late,
I have to cover the Boss has said, These are the days I really dread.

Shift is done I sit and rest, The cook to me brings food to ingest,
He sees I've worked so very hard, He tells a joke and acts the card,
I remember, days gone by, This kindness, he would never try,
I'm headed home just one more day, I think that I'll stay home Monday

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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