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The Walk
MO Maria O'Connor (5-6-91 / Dallas, TX)

The Walk

I walk outside through the frigid air,
Watching people rushing everywhere.
Everyone has their eyes turned down.
I'm alone in looking around.
I look at them and see this torment,
Like one continuous shared lament.
With so much pain on every face,
My joy seems so out of place.
I wonder what could be wrong today.
Were they hurt along their ways?
As I contemplate this thought,
My own heart becomes distraught.
Soon I'm weighed down in this mess,
No more do I feel happiness.

Sadness is like a big disease,
Bringing people to their knees.
I beg of you take this advice:
Don't harbor sadness in your life.


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A darkness harbored at life's heart break pier... Is a gloomy gloom cloud moored o'ee'r one once held truly dear. I took the helm at the wheel of love... That boat of the heart set asail to sink below waves of sadness left alone by one above. How may i retrieve a bouey'd lass? ... Has she forgiven me or told me to kiss her ass? I require the assistance of a cupid's lighthouse beam... To attract to me my one true love's requireing dream. I emjoyed your poem. God bless all poets-MJG.
Words of wisdom...walk in sunshine Good advise...great poem Hugs, dee