The Walk I Never Took

Waves moved across me
Setting up currents of joy never imagined
Magnitude & novelty seems unreal
But then I wake up to see the butterflies
The change I looked at seems to be here

Walking through green pastures
The dew drops falling on my face
Bringing freshness and blessedness
Overwhelmed by this delightful movement
Doubt crept into me, REAL never seemed to exist

As I walked ahead I could see the brightness
The path seemed clear and heart filled with childish joy
There it was, The Mountain of never-ending audacity
The clouds looming over it
Seemed like flow of everlasting adventure

As I gazed at the marvel, a shiverish touch on my back
The thought of turning back was an instinct
But the perception evoked fear and panic
Gathering courage I moved ahead

The new dawn, the new light
Is this what I was looking for?
Can this all remain this way?
Courage and Faith was in me
I believed what I saw
And continued to gaze at the marvel
Expecting to see more ……

by Jithu Varghese

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I like the poems that tell a story this one does just that good job