The Walk-In Woman

I was walking in the old part of town
Taking in the sights and looking around
The old buildings stood sentinel
As I admired it all built so well

The legend said to wait
Until sundown to contemplate
The strange appearances in the street
And creatures strange that you would meet

So we readied ourselves for the display
Wondering what would occur in the twilight of the day
Then, in the blink of an eye she appeared quite near
In clothing that looked quite a bit queer

She was dressed in clothing with glowing patterns made
That changed in greens, blues and yellow in a flowing cascade
And she gave a warning, "Beware the sun will explode"
Running around the street in warning mode

We were able to settle her down in the end
But she insisted on the warning ensuring we comprehend
Then she looked to the distance and ran toward a shimmering
Disappearing with a loud sound as a bright light completed its immersing

I have pondered on the woman's appearance and her words
And I have wondered if the warning was absurd
But the sunlight has started glowering so bright
And the strong heat of the day just is not right.

© Paul Warren Poetry

by Paul Warren

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