The Wall

Poem By Dominique Shanise

Block by block you set the foundation as most mothers do but, when I said that I lied because you are the exception to few who can do this and get it right and
yes you've made mistakes but all humans do
every one owns its own name anger, denial, love, hate, disbelief
every day I wake up from my slumber and sense you are building your wall
you've mopped floors changed diapers I went through hell and homelessness to give your kings and queens a chance
but your heart is now broken
time for you is now frozen
November 18,2018 is the date you're mine has chosen to rest on
for your baby has fallen from the nest but
his father has given him wings to soar Beyond all sadness, hatred and frustrations of this hell we call earth
the concrete solid foundation that holds your wall together but no one knows you're building a masterpiece
the body is gone but his smile remains a smile that shines beyond any star you see in the heavens
Wings that expand far and wide to cover the earth so his mothers sadness will deplete
skin that sparkles like diamonds in the light that that easily puts any angel to Shame
So Mama the date you finish building your wall you'll step back and see a mural is what remains The artist being a mother with a piece of her soul being ripped away
A beautiful creation By: Rachelle Billips
You have many chapters in your book that have yet to unfold
The wall you created will never
be broken
For it is an expression of your love and the painted bricks of heartbreak, love, sadness frustration and hatred will rest And you will find beauty in the life and passing of the little bird that grew big wing and Jontae Billups-Brooks will forever be apart of the movement make Rachelle Great Again
For this is a bond that could never be broken.

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Write comment. Such a nice work, Dominique. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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