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The Wall
DC Danielle Cutler (April 28,1972 / Staten Island, NY)

The Wall

The wall stood before me
I marvel at its structure,
In awe of its size and strength
I am humbled by its magnificence
Excited by the secrets held within…

I reach out, pensive fingers
Exploring its roughness
Coaxing with soft, delicate caresses
Seeking an entrance inside
The wall would not hold me

I look upward,
How stoic it stands
Pressing the softness of my body
Against its cool stone
The wall would not warm me

Incensed, I strike the wall
Hands clenched in tight fists
Bloodied flesh scraping
Against the unmoving impasse
The wall would not succumb to me

My very soul wept,
The wall would not console me.

Fear and anguish plagued me,
The wall would not protect me.

The wall will not love me.

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